TINTO Wine Tasting Tour

Veneto & Friuli,Venezia



Travel Itinerary

Day One


Private group bus from Milan to the lakeside town of Salò along Lake

Garda in Veneto region:

-Wine Tasting-

A winery in the sparkling

wine producing area of Franciacorta.


In the quaint lakeside town of Salò.


Hotel Bellerive, which faces the lake and is distinctly Italian.

Day Two

-Breakfast at the hotel-

-Wine Tasting-

Turina Vini near Castello di Moniga


Boat ride to the peninsula of Sirmione, to explore the various shops, the castle and the old Roman Villa built over 2,000 years ago.


Traditional “trattoria” in Sirmione.

Day Three

-Breakfast at the hotel-


Boat ride to a private area on Lake Garda where there is sailing.

-Wine Tasting-

Our friends from Fattori winery will bring their wine to us.


Local cuisine at a restaurant on the lake which was introduced to us by winemaker Pierto Turina.

Day Four

-Breakfast at the hotel-

Onto Friuli-Venezia region:

 Making our way to our “farm-stay” which will remain as our base for 3-nights along the Italian/Slovenian border, where the ambiance and landscape is absolutely lovely. 

-Experience & Wine Tasting- 

On route, we will stop to explore a massive and marvelous Palladian Villa, a UNESCO World Heritage site, known as Villa Angarano, where you can meander the vineyards and enjoy an organic wine tasting.


We will dine at our favorite restaurant in the cute town of Cividale, five minutes from our base at the farmhouse in Friuli.

Day Five

-Breakfast at the hotel-


We take a short, postcard pretty drive across the border into Slovenia.

-Wine Tasting- 

Artisanal winery of Petrussa.


An amazing lunch drinking Slovenian wines and food at a restaurant that will surprise you, and If you are up for it, we can visit a nearby winery in Slovenia.

Day Six

-Breakfast at the hotel-


Visiting the colorful, multi-cultural city of Trieste, where you can discover Miramare Castle, various museums, and world renowned Illy Caffè.

-Wine tasting-

100 year old winery of Parovel, that also produces delicious olive oil to try.


Our final meal as a group will be enjoyed in Trieste.

Day Seven

-Breakfast at the hotel-

Check-out & Drop-off:

Our destination is the Marco Polo airport in Venice. You can fly out, or, you can take a communal taxi boat, or, private boat into Venice and enjoy the enchanting elegance of the city on your own.

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