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Updated: Mar 16

In the vast realm of wine, sparklers are synonymous with celebration. New job? Bubbles! Engagement? Bubbles! Birth? Bubbles! It's Wednesday? BUBBLES! Sparkling wines are made in almost every major wine region and from almost every major grape variety. The world of sparkling wine also welcomes every style; white, rosé, red, sweet, dry, VERY dry, the world of sparkling wine is truly your oyster, an oyster that pairs perfectly with sparkling wine.

Not all sparkling wines, however, are created equal. Though there are several popular ways to produce these bubbly wines, the O.G. method is known as ‘Pétillant Natural,' which predates the more well-known, ‘Method Champenoise.’ Affectionately referred to as ‘Pet-Nat’ by mustachioed wine geeks, this style of wine has seen an increase in interest kin to the enthusiasm orange wines enjoyed almost a decade ago. Queen of the natural wine family, Pet-Nat deserves your undivided attention.

Chateau Famaey Pétillant Natural Malbec Rouge NV, Cahors, South West, France


This dynamic family run business has earned a reputation for modernizing wine making in Cahors. They produce fine wines that highlight the fresh fruit aspects of the Malbec grape. They have won many awards and recognitions among national and international media and competitions. This sustainably farmed Pet Nat is frothy, fizzy and fun with notes of fresh strawberries and blackberries. It lends itself well to a variety of foods. Some of our favorite pairings are foods like cassoulet, hamburgers and barbecue. View in store.

An ancestral method, Pet-Nat begins the same way as the Method Champenoise, until there’s a fork in the road. Instead of taking a fully fermented, dry wine and bottling it with yeast and sugar to create a secondary fermentation, Pet-Nat is transferred into bottle midway through its first fermentation. Carbon dioxide is still produced in the process and is trapped in the bottle, leaving the bubbles we love so much. Typical Pet-Nat shows foamier frizzante bubbles and less large, round bubbles. They can be clean and crispy like Champagne, or unfiltered, hazy and funky like cider.

France, Italy, Spain and the New World alike all have jumped in the mix with these fizzy wines, so let’s talk food pairing. With so many potential grapes to choose from the pairings could truly be infinite. If the Pet-Nat you picked up is made from Alsatian varietals (Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, etc.) then turn-up the heat and guzzle them down with some spicy foods; shrimp pad Thai, pork green chili, or tuna tartar with sriracha would all be great accompaniment to this style of bubbly. Having a bottle of pet-rosé made of Gamay or Groulleau? Cheese and charcuterie are a must, but also consider sushi or a southern style boil of crab, shrimp, corn and potatoes. Maybe you’re feeling some cassoulet? A Pet-Net of Malbec from Cahors is the bottle you’re after. Not sure what you’re having for dinner tonight? Open a bottle of bubbly and think it over, Pet-Nat pairs best with good ideas.

Sebastien Brunet '100%' Pétillant Natural Rosé 2018

Vouvray, Loire Valley, France

A Certified Ecocert Organic blend of Groulleau and Gamey, this wine is a beautiful and deep electric pink color. It's full of pleasant foamy bubbles and is delightfully packed with juicy red berry fruit flavors and loads of minerality. Great alongside a platter of cheese and charcuterie, also consider sushi or a southern style boil of crab, shrimp, corn and potatoes! View in store.

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