What is Natural Sparkling Wine?

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The frizzy, fun nature of sparkling wine is synonymous with celebration, and the bubbly joy when we seize moments of merriment. As sparkling wines are made in almost all wine regions, the world of sparkling wine naturally welcomes every variety; white, rosé, red, sweet, and dry. However, not all sparkling wines are created equal.

Though there are several popular ways to produce bubbly wines, the oldest method is called ‘Pétillant Natural,' or ‘méthode ancestrale,’ and is noted for being the first way France produced sparkling wine. This ancient method, abbreviated to ‘Pét-Nat,’ consists of bottling partially fermented wine, which traps natural CO2 in the bottle, and jointly allows the wine to continue to ferment, making big, bold, bubbles that can either create clean, crisp sparkling wine like Champagne, or unfiltered, funky, fun. As for the champagne style, known as ‘Méthode Champenoise,’ this consists of fully fermented, dry wine, bottled with added yeast and sugar, that is incorporated in order to create a secondary fermentation in the bottle. Although both methods create bubbles destined to dance on your tongue, it is Pétillant Natural which has increased in popularity within France, Italy, Spain and across America, and become queen of the natural wine family.

All in all, the world of sparkling wine is your oyster, an oyster which perfectly pairs with Pétillant Natural. As for alternative food pairings, if the Pét-Nat you enjoy most is made from Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, these bubbles come alive with the spices of Thai, ceviche, as well as sushi topped with ginger. In regards to Pét-Nat Rosé, made of Gamay or Groulleau, then Manchego cheese and charcuterie are a must, as well as Southern style fresh crab, asparagus and grilled corn. Not sure what you’re eating, just open a bottle of bubbly, as Pét-Nat perfectly pairs with the joy of life’s spontaneity.

Tempted to give natural sparkling wine a try? Buy our favorites from France below!

Chateau Famaey Pétillant Natural Malbec Rouge NV, Cahors, South West, France


This dynamic family run business has earned a reputation for modernizing wine making in Cahors. They produce fine wines that highlight the fresh fruit aspects of the Malbec grape. They have won many awards and recognitions among national and international media and competitions. This sustainably farmed Pet Nat is frothy, fizzy and fun with notes of fresh strawberries and blackberries. It lends itself well to a variety of foods. Some of our favorite pairings are foods like cassoulet, hamburgers and barbecue. View in store.

Sebastien Brunet '100%' Pétillant Natural Rosé 2018

Vouvray, Loire Valley, France

A Certified Ecocert Organic blend of Groulleau and Gamey, this wine is a beautiful and deep electric pink color. It's full of pleasant foamy bubbles and is delightfully packed with juicy red berry fruit flavors and loads of minerality. Great alongside a platter of cheese and charcuterie, also consider sushi or a southern style boil of crab, shrimp, corn and potatoes! View in store.

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