Southern Portugal Wine Tour - full program

Day One 

Private group bus from Lisbon to Évora (approximately 1h15m minute ride)
Check in to Albergaria do Calvário in Évora – 4-star hotel located within the walls of Évora

Wine tasting & tapas at the home of Peter and Nina just outside the walls of Évora

Guided walk through the principal sites of Évora with a young, local archaeologist.

Dinner– Johnny will entertain us at one of our all-time favorites in Évora. Joining us for dinner is a legendary local winemaker.

Day Two

A guided tour of the pre-historic megalith, Cromeleque dos Almendres: a stone circle that predates Stonehenge by 2000 years. It is almost 8,000 years old! The tour will be led by local archeologist and friend, Mario.

Wine tasting at Monte da Ravasqueira

Lunch with Senhor Bolas who will treat us to a traditional Alentejo lunch

Cultural stop over – We may pop in to Arraiolos

Day Three

Visit to our friends at Quinta do Quetzal who love both art and wine. Our visit is led by winery head, Reto Jorg. Wine Tour at Quinta do Quetzal

Lunch at Pais das Uvas Restaurant
Cultural highlight – the Roman Villa of São Cucufate


Day Four

Cultural stop over – village of Monsaraz. One of the best-preserved villages in the country. If it were in Spain (anywhere else), it would be mobbed with throngs of tourists year-round. We may also stop in the pottery town of Sao Pedro do Corval.

Winery tasting and tapas – Herdade do Esporão

Dinner – We have been going to 1⁄4 para as 9 for over twelve years now. It’s been in business for over 40!


Day Five

Cultural stop over – You will learn why cork is such an incredible sustainable resource. We will visit a cork forest led by our good friend Andreia. You will never look at a wine cork in the same way again

Lunch – Senhor Rabino is one of our all-time favorite people.

Wine tasting – Monte do Pintor

Day Six

Cultural stop over – We will visit one of the oldest outdoor markets in Europe in the marble town of Estremoz.

Winery tasting – Dona Maria is stunning. They really live here!
Lunch – In the town of Estremoz. If this restaurant were in Lisbon, it would have lines outside the door each night.

Day Seven

Early breakfast, check out and transfer back to Lisbon airport.
Most of you will be departing on a noon flight that day, therefore you will be leaving the Évora hotel at around 8 am.
If you are staying in the country, breakfast is at your leisure.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Arriving early or extending your stay
Lisbon is a city that can easily be explored on your own. We think one can easily spend a week in Lisbon if you have the time. If you would like to extend your trip or arrive early, we are happy to assist with hotel recommendations and things to see and do.
Also - Seville is a three-hour drive from Évora. Porto is a four-hour drive from Évora.

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Alentejo, Portugal

Southern Portugal Wine Tour by TINTO Travel

Cost per person: $2,400
6 nights in the Alentejo
Limited to 10 couples.
Single travelers welcome.

April 25 - May 01 2022

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