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Quinta do Quetzal | Alentejo, Portugal

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

The origins of Quinta do Quetzal inspirational as the namesake, which means ‘precious’ or ‘sacred’ to both the Aztec’s and Mayan’s, and refers to a colorful South American bird whose feathers are as green as the surrounding hills in springtime. The dream to create the winery began over 20 years ago, by owners Cees and Inge de Bruin, who desired to design a winery, which would add resplendence to the region.

Unlike any other wineries in Vidigueira, the modern architecture of Quetzal is reminiscent of Frank LLoyd Wright, and beautifully harmonizes with the environment, with the interior view from the restaurant reaching out into the rolling verdant vineyards.

Portugal Alentejo Wine Region - Quinta do Quetzal
View from the Quinta do Quetzal restaurant. The food is as tasty as the scenery.

Beyond impressive wines and savory cuisine, Quetzal has an internationally renowned art collection for visitors to enjoy. In our interview with General Manager, Reto Jörg, we discover more about the inspiration behind Quetzal’s innovative style:

Q: As host to the International Contemporary Art Collection of De Bruin-Heijn, based in Rotterdam, how do you feel art and wine connect at Quetzal?

A: What is interesting about having the Quetzal Art Center here at the winery, is that we are able to provide completely different experiences for those who visit us, and be impactful on people's perceptions when it comes to art and wine.

Portugal Alentejo Wine Region Quinta do Quetzal Art Collection
The Quetzal Art Center and the De Bruin-Heijn Colletion.

Q: Although originally from Switzerland, you’ve lived in Portugal for more than 30 years: What do you find to be captivating about this country?

A: I would say the thing I most appreciate about the Portuguese is their general friendliness and affection towards everyone. Also, Portugal has amazing food and wines!

Q: How did winemaking start for you?

A: As an agriculture student in Switzerland, I took an internship at a small farm in France where the world of grape varieties, blends and terroirs was introduced to me. Some years later I was asked to produce wine at Herdade da Calada, also in Alentejo.

Q: How many grape varieties do you work with?

A: Our white blends come essentially from Antão Vaz, a Chardonnay-like indiginous grape variety that grows specifically in the Vidigueira wine region. We also work with Roupeiro, Arinto and Verdelho. For red wines we have Trincadeira, Alicante Bouschet, Syrah, and Alfrocheiro, but focus on the latter three varieties due to climate change and increased temperatures.

Q: What is your approach regarding sustainability?

A: All of our agricultural procedures rely on natural fertilization of land and vineyards in order to maintain soil balance and conditions.

Portugal Alentejo Wine Region Quinta do Quetzal Roman Ruin Travel

Q: What makes your terroir unique?

A: It is no surprise that Romans moved their wine production to this area for the quality of terroir, as we are fortunate to deal with unique geographic conditions. At Quinta do Quetzal we find higher, medium and lower grounds with different soil compositions in which we take full advantage by selecting specific grape varieties for each one of these geographic segments. Adding to that, Quinta do Quetzal is also fortunate to be blessed by winds blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean, which provide for the freshness we find in our wines.

Q: What makes you passionate about winemaking

A: My passion comes from knowing that the story of each year provides different challenges and discoveries. Rain, wind, sun, land, vineyards, and people, all play their part in the story of wine.

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All Quinta do Quetzal wines available for purchase below & suggestions for perfect pairings:


Quinta do Quetzal Reserva, White | 2015

Vidigueira, Alentejo, Portugal

The grapes were hand-picked as they mature. After crushed, the resulting must undergoed 48 to 72 hours of static clarification. The fermentation took place in new French oak barrels followed by 6 months with “batônnage” from 14ºC to 16ºC during 30 days.

Juicy on the nose with tropical fruits, Meyer lemons and almonds. Rich on the palate with more citrus, lemon balm and distinct toasted almond flavors. The toasted nuttiness lingers long, mingling with subtle peach on the finish. Its structure allows the pairing with white meats, refined and complex fish dishes and shellfish.


Quinta do Quetzal Reserva Red 2015

Vidigueira, Alentejo, Portugal

Regarding its tasting notes this wine is garnet in color, this rich red wine gives flavors of pomegranate mixed with darker fruits and spices, and an elegant note of cedar. The palate is well structured and fresh with long, silky tannins.

Very well suited for dark meats and dishes with exotic spice flavors that bring out its intense, dark fruit notes.Try it with lamb shawarma, gyros, Asian five spice pork and even Indian tandoori meats.

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Quinta do Quetzal 'Guadalupe' Winemaker's Selection Branco 2017

Vidigueira, Alentejo, Portugal

A full bodied and aromatic wine, this one gives aromas of wild herbs, berry jam and a hint of earth. Velvety on the palate, the dark fruit flavors are complemented by a substantial presence of earth and hints of leather that fade into a gentle and dry finish.

This wine is very well suited for dark meats and dishes with exotic spice flavors that bring out its intense, dark fruit notes.Try it with lamb shawarma, gyros, Asian five spice pork and even Indian tandoor meats.


Quinta do Quetzal 'Guadalupe' Winemaker's Selection Branco 2017 Vidigueira, Alentejo, Portugal

The winemaker's selected only the best Antão Vaz grapes from the harvest, resulting in a fresh flavored wine with mineral notes and tons of aromatics. Only part of the wine is fermented in French oak barrel, which gives it a discreet flavor of buttered toast to complement its fruity palate.


Quinta do Quetzal 'Guadalupe' Rosé 2019

Vidigueira, Alentejo, Portugal

This is a fruity and fresh rosé with juicy flavors of ripe strawberries and raspberries. The palate is dry and clean with bright acidity and a crisp finish.

This wine is great as an aperitif or to enjoy on a warm day, but it's also fantastic with charcuterie, salads, light pastas, fresh fruits or cold appetizers like potato or pasta salads.



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