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Passion of Port: Quinta de Mourão | Douro, Portugal

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Quinta do Mourão, where vines grow thick on terraced estates above the winding Douro River in Northern Portugal, and where Tawny Port with a blend from 1895 and 1927 can be experienced.

As the 2nd generation to own Quinta do Mourão, winemaking for Miguel is, “A daily activity which requires you to strap your boots and work hard. I would say that what matters with winemaking is how passionate you are, regardless what your family background is."

Quinta do Mourão Douro Portugal - Port Wine
"There is no such thing as a terroir!" says Miguel Braga - Quinta do Mourão, Douro

In regards to terroir, one of the least understood words in the wine world, Miguel believes, “Every vineyard has its own terroir! That is because every vine strain is submitted to very different soil, light, temperature and humidity conditions. That is especially true in the Douro wine region because of its slopes and very steep geography, notwithstanding a river flowing through its base, which adds a lot of variables. Under those kinds of conditions, vineyards have to respond and adapt almost as if they were individuals making the most of the specific place they find themselves planted.”

At Quinta do Mourão, the most celebrated grape varieties of the world class Douro wine region are grown: Touriga Franca e Nacional, Tinto Cão, Tinta Roriz e Francisca for the red varieties, and Codega, Cerceal, Viozinho and Malvazia for the white.

Quinta de Mourão Douro Portugal Wines - Port Wine
Miguel Braga, Quinta de Mourão owner

Douro’s DOC, was demarcated in 1756 as a royal Portuguese charter, and is the oldest wine region in the world and a UNESCO Heritage site; so no surprise that the inspiration for Miguel Braga’s winemaking style originates from the awe-inspiring impressions he had from when savoring a Port Wine bottled over 200 years ago. “Tasting the 1812 Port was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had regarding wine. I am thankful that this particular bottle was saved from all the sacking and looting when Napoleon’s armies invaded Portugal.”

Miguel’s suggestions for Port pairing:

-Up to 10 Year Old Port, they meant to be served as the pre-meal aperitif, and usually go very well with charcuterie boards.

-The 20 to 30 years Old Ports, such as our Quinta de Mourão Tawny, should be served with dessert, with cheese, dried fruit, chocolate fondue, or crème brulê.

-Finally, the 40 to 50 Years Old Ports should be sipped and savored solo…in the company of a good friends, cigar or book.

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Delicious Ports to sip and savor available for you below:


Quinta do Mourao White | 20 Year, Douro | Portugal

Grape Varieties: Codega, Cerceal, Viosinho.

Golden white color. Intense aromas of dried fruits and spices, result of the ageing in casks. In the palate both sweetness and acidity are wellintegrated with a long and persistent finis. Serve at a moderate temperature from 10 to 12ºC. Serve as apéritive or after diner or with fruit desserts, dried fruits or cheese.


Quinta do Mourao Tawny 10 Year, Douro | Portugal

Tawny color. Complex aromas like raisins and dried fruits. Full-bodied in the palate with a long finish. Serve at a moderate temperature from 10 to 12ºCC. Serve after dinner or with desserts, roasted almonds, nuts or long matured cheeses. Grape varieties: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cão.


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